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Diagnose - Repair - Restore

VINTAGE ANTIQUE electronic items have often served reliably for DECADES. With proper maintenance they can often extend their life for decades more. At our facility, we encourage the servicing and restoration of electronics if at all possible, We ABHOR seeing a fine unit head to the landfill for lack of a simple replacement component! Let our technicians give you sound advice on saving your gear!

 Our Story :


In it's Youngtown, AZ location, the West Valley Electronics Club  houses an impressive inventory of New Old Stock components which are made available to individuals hoping to restore vintage electronic gear. (1930-1990 era) Expertise is offered on your repair and restoration project by knowledgable technicians. Available are components like tubes, capacitors, resistors, inductors, transformers (audio, power, and IF types), solid state discrete components (but not Surface Mount or 'SMD' devices), connectors from that era, knobs, etc.   The electronics club also takes donations of gear deemed too difficult to repair, in the hopes that another effort may need the remaining good component of your device. Components are available free, but a cash donation is never refused! 

Please visit the MUSEUM on this website to see some of the spectacular repair and restoration work we have overseen!

Our enterprise also sponsors the activities of the ham radio station WV7HS at this location.

Our  technicians



Gary Franklin - Supervising TECH

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