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eBay listings!

Part of our funding mechanism for the West Valley Ham Shack is the sale of repaired radios, components, unusual or hard to find parts, etc. using the online auction site eBay.

While this has occurred 'in the background', the directors thought they might bring these items to you, our web patrons. After all, winning an eBay auction could have the immediate benefit of fast recovery of your item without shipping expense!

Here are our current offerings. Remember, these are eBay listings and bidding online for these items occurs until the auction time is over. We have provided a link for each.
Good Luck!


TV-7 A/U TUBE TESTER - Recently updated, calibrated, and certified by Dan Nelson.

Millen Wavemeters
Millen Wavemeters - This set of absorption wavemeters is in near new condition.

HAMMARLUND HQ-110A DIALS - These dials are in near perfect condition. No discoloration from sun exposure.

HAMMARLUND VHF CONVERTOR - This unit was from a parted out HQ-110A VHF. It is a 6 meter preamp and 2 meter convertor.


Electro-Voice 205-STC Differential Noise Cancelling Microphone (New)

New in original box with instructions and mounting bracket.

Cushcraft R3 Control Box

This control box is used, but it is in like new condition.

COLLINS 70K-7 PTO FOR 51 S-1 - Tested. 2.5 - 3.5 MHz at exactly 10 turns and 3.0 MHz at exactly 5 turns.

Collins Filter F 500 Z 5

Collins Filter F 500 Z 5 - 500 KHz 2.7 LSB Tested

Collins Filter F 500 Z 11

Collins Filter F 500 Z 11 - 500 KHz 3.2 LSB. Tested

Collins Filter F 500 Z 10

Collins Filter F 500 Z10 - 500 KHz 3.2 USB. Tested

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