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            SURPLUS SALES

Please Contact Gary  K8BKB   269-501-3898, Text or Email:

All items must be picked up at the shack. We do not ship. Payment by cash or check. Make checks payable to West Valley Electronics Club

MFJ 226 and/or 227 Graphical Analyzers


NEW 10" Android Tablet - Never even configured - 2 Gb ram, 32 Gb storage, Quad Core . 1200 x 800 screen resolution, Wifi and Bluetooth capable, NOT a refurbished unit. 5000 mAh battery.

TABLET  price   $40

Handheld analyzers for HF thru VHF (the MFJ-226)  OR VHF thru UHF (the MFJ-227)

Stunning graphical output of your antennas performance!

Reads: SWR, impedance (both resistive and reactive components) Phase Angle, Return Loss. Creates a Smith Chart, and can communicate with your Computer! Includes O-S-L calibration standards. You'll want them both!  EACH  $99 (new over $300 each)

Icom PS-55_edited.jpg

ICOM  PS-55 Matching  POWER SUPPLY   13.8 VDC

at 20 Amps

This power supply matches the cabinetry of radios like the Icom 735. It provides power to the radio , and is turned on remotely by the radio's front panel ON/OFF button. Could be modified by you to have it's own ON/OFF switch, and power ANY radio   $69

K&E Vintage Compass

Very collectible surveyors compass in fine working order. Includes vintage leather case.  Compass & Case  $35

Motorola Service Monitor

Motorola System Analyzer B.JPG

Once a luxury only a well-healed ham could afford, this monitor is full featured and capable of testing radio equipment. The Motorola A-2001C comes in it's own travel case with lid, and full documentation. Internal target generator.

Originally thousands of dollars, it can be yours now for only $250

Heath Antenna Tuner

Wide ranging manual tuner for HF thru 6 meter antenna systems. Rated for Kilowatt, and features balanced or Coax outputs. Not a kit, this is fully factory assembled and very gently used. A Heath Collectible

                      SA-2040              $200


Radio Shack HTA-20 
2 Meter linear amp NEW in BOX!

This little gem arrived new in unopened box. A shame to open it for the first time, but we always need to confirm proper operation for our sales.

Indeed, the unit surpassed power output specs at over 35 watts with 5 watts drive.

Sophisticated helical filter in front of the receive preamp. No wonder they charged over $120 for it. You can convert your HT to a base station for only


    $36  at the shack!

DX Engineering FS-01 Footswitch

Incredibly handy for freeing up one operators hand for other uses (like typing in your logging program)  $25


10 dB attenuation with 10 watts dissipation (left)  N connector $10

30 dB attenuation with 150 watts dissipation (right)  $35

Buddy, can you spare me a ...


EIMAC 3-500 ZG  Graphite anode power amplifier tube?

This is a chance to secure your 'SPARE' tube for your power amplifier at a great price!

This tube was secured from RF parts when the EIMAC brand was somewhat more available. Consider today they want $350 for such a tube. You will be glad you grabbed this one for a spare for your linear!  Tube filament has been tested and is in perfect spec at 14.5 amps (5 volts)  Not brand new, but we think lots of life yet in this beauty.

3-500  price is $125

Heil handswitch.JPG

Handheld PTT switch by HEIL is ideal for stations with Boom mounted microphones, or situations where keying the transceiver directly is not desirable. (like sequencers with linears) Radio connection is included for Yaesu radios.


Heil handswitch B.JPG

HEIL HS-2 Hand held PTT switch for Yaesu

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