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Kenwood Classic

TS-520 in fine condition

This hybrid radio offers solid state receive components, with TUBE finals in the transmitter.  You still hear plenty of them on the bands! Fully operational, tested in our lab. Included is the matching desk microphone. Internal power supply.

   TS-520   $325

Heath VFO VF-1.JPG

Heath VF-1 vintage VFO. This one has been tested and operates as it should.

Still, they are fun to own and improve with decades of documented circuit enhancements.

Heath VF-1  $20


VFO unit for Kenwood 820

This remote VFO allows the Kenwood TS-820 to enjoy 'split' operating with VFO A and VFO B


Yaesu SP-901

Matching cabinetry to many YAESU radios of that era, this

contains a nice speaker plus an old fashioned PHONE PATCH.

                  SP-901  $45

Yaesu SP-901P.JPG
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