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Mike 'RUSTY' Restivo KJ6AMR

I'm a recent retiree to Arizona in 2019, and find my radio hobby easily

fulfills the missing social element in my life that work provided.

I've enjoyed electronics from Radio Shack and Heathkit as a child, and spent

10 years as a cable television line technician, climbing towers and

troubleshooting system problems.

Then I trained to become an Avionic Maintenance Technician, held a General

Radiotelephone license, and would operate and repair transmitters for United

Airlines. Soon, I was a TRAINER and traveled the world teaching electrical

system maintenance.

It's only since 2022 that I've combined my knowledge of RF with the hobby of

communications as KJ6AMR.

I enjoy HF operating on 40 meters and up, both SSB and FT8.

My shack is compact and resembles the cockpit of a commercial plane; I switch

from flight-sims screens to FT-8!

I use an ICOM IC-7300 for HF, Yaesu 7900 and Yaesu 200-DR on VHF, and have

numerous HT's

My antenna 'farm' consists mostly of vertical antennas like Hustler 5BTV,

HyGain 18VS, mounted on tip-over tripods to keep the HOA happy.

(So far, so good) Other antennas include MFJ-2100 Octopus, wire dipoles,and

even satellite antennas.

I'm a member of the West Valley Ham Shack, the WVARC, the ARRL. I volunteer for the Oakland Aviation Museum.

I like to repair older equipment. Currently I am restoring a Heath SB-200

linear amplifier. I have even found tubes for my antique radios locally at

the WV Ham Shack.

I love to take a seat as a student (and not the teacher) at the free classes

at the Ham Shack. What more could I ask for?

I'll see you on the radio!


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