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 Shack   HISTORY


The story of the Shack revolves around the legacy of our founder, Dick Stout, KE7RD. In 1983 he sold his company, California Radio Sales, a major distributor of CB and related products, to John Talley, now Talley Electronics, a national distributor of cell phone infrastructure equipment. A substantial part of the proceeds was set aside for charity.

Years later Dick decided that the charity should be a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history of radio, electronics, and specifically amateur radio. In 2019 a building was purchased for that purpose. A small group of dedicated Hams rose to the occasion and converted a thrift shop and beauty salon into what we have today, the West Valley Ham Shack. 

Those who gave their time and talent initially are:

  • Alven Brite, WE7I

  • Dan Ford, K2LH

  • Gary Franklin, K8BKB

  • Pat Regan, KB7OM

  • Gary Robin, K9HDU

  • Bob Shoemaker (SK), KG6EJW

  • Dick Stout, KE7RD

Dick has been restoring antique radios for decades and had a well-equipped shop, loads of parts, test equipment, and tools. He also built up a large collection of restored radios and phonographs. It all moved to our newly renovated building.

We incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)(3) and opened our wonderful facility to all persons who are interested in the hobby.

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