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Frequently Asked Questions

     Member Definition
Members are defined as associate, non voting members. Full members are the directors.

         Annual Dues?
Admittance to the Ham Shack is always free. An Associate Member must pay a one-time $10 charge to cover the cost of the key fob. There are NO ANNUAL DUES.

    Do I have to have a Ham License to visit?
Anyone is free to visit the Shack, either as a guest or a member. No one needs to have an amateur radio license, though the shack does offer a full-featured radio station for licensed hams to operate. Unlicensed people may have a licensed operator tutor them at the shack, and actually allow them to converse over the airwaves (while supervised).

     Who can use the club station?
All licensed hams can use any of the radios on any band appropriate to his or her class of license.

We are supported by cash or equipment donations. Do you have equipment you are no longer using? Or maybe you could remember us in your will or instructions to your executor.

      Outside Repairs
On a case by case basis, we will accept repairs from the community. All charges are considered to be donations.
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