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"The museum at the West Valley Ham Shack is simply astounding. I was dumbfounded and in a state of blissful shock upon seeing the huge display of lovingly restored nostalgic console and vintage tabletop radios (including classic amateur radios and historic military radios), old phonograph players (including a 1905 Edison phonograph that plays cylinders), a working jukebox that plays 78 rpm records, and there is much more to see. The craftsmanship and beauty of some of these museum-quality items is stunning. Treat yourself to a visual feast and visit this unique museum soon."
Bella Romain  N4ILQ

Bring your entire family to visit the museum during regular shack hours, or make an appointment for a private showing for your class or group with your own docent. Always free to all.

Antique Radio Museum              of Arizona

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Here is a short video of the museum. When you visit, you will learn a bit more about the 'golden era of radio' that led to the creation of these marvelous antiques!

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