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2023  Class Offerings


Our class schedule typically reduces class offerings in the Summer. We will resume  in Fall 2023, offering the following :

Basic FT-8 - Learn the basics of the new FT-8 mode including hardware and software installation

Advanced FT8 Digital Mode: DX and Contesting -Learn the finer points of chasing and working DX stations and DXpeditions using the FT-8 mode. A follow on class to our 'Basic FT-8' class for more experienced users

Introduction to Morse Code -This class  will teach morse characters in an active exercise using a code key sending an audio signal.

Discovering your Technician Privileges -Now that you have you Technician license do you know what you can do with it?  You can still talk all over the country, or even all over the world with the right gear and tools.  In this class, we will help you get the most out of your technician license.  This class is perfect for new Hams or even hams who have had their technician license for years but haven’t ventured out beyond the local repeater.
Test Bench at WVHS Learn to use the various test instruments in the WVHS repair facility to troubleshoot your own electronics! Learn to recognize components, use signal generators, Calibrated dummy loads, power supplies and more!

Soldering - Learn by "hands on" use of soldering iron with point-to-point and circuit board soldering practice, a basic class for beginners

Kit Building -Assemble and solder a working electronic kit. Learn to identify components and observe polarity. Material cost is $10. Soldering irons supplied.
Antenna Basics -Learn the elements of an effective antenna  for HF and  VHF radios including theory and impedance matching techniques!
Introduction to DMR -Do you have a new DMR radio, and you want to take advantage of all that extra capability?  This class will help you get started on DMR Brandmeister.  Although, we will not cover specific radios, we can help you make sense of the radio you have.  Or maybe you just want to see what DMR is all about and you haven’t purchased a DMR radio yet! 

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