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What the DeciBel is Going On?

A lot of 'lingo' exists in the amateur radio world. It is easy to read the words or hear them but not really understand their meaning. This especially applies to some of the technical aspects of the hobby. One term often confused is decibel, and there are several reasons for the confusion. The dB scale is not linear; it's logarithmic, and formulas involving dBs have logarithms and exponents in them. However, if one takes small steps in solving problems with logarithms and exponents, results can be reached. To this end I have put together a 2-page document describing how one can do calculations involving decibels. The document is stored on a Google Drive I maintain, so I can share information with others. Click this link to the file if you would like to read the file. It is a pdf and should open with no problem, but let me know if you run into issues. 73, Bill W9WRP

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