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WV7HS Repeater Up - Down - Up

Getting the repeater back on the air was not really a problem, However, getting the capability to program it is a different story. The machine was a couple versions behind for firmware and the programming software was too new to deal with the loaded version on the repeater. All that has been resolved now, and we have the WV7HS repeater back in operation in analog mode. Now for some news: the repeater will be (soon, I hope) capable of both analog and DMR modes on a first come - first served basis. If one calls in on an analog device the repeater will be in analog mode for responses and QSOs. If one calls in on a DMR device the repeater will be in digital mode for responses and QSOs. It will revert to dual-mode listening. Before everyone gets excited about DMR capability, it is not configured yet (04-13-2024). I will work on that in the coming days and will announce it when we are good to go. I am learning about DMR and to me it is not a trivial matter, so please be patient. I am planning to be set up for Brandmeister in the digital realm. For now, please feel free to use the repeater in analog mode: 441.775+/100.0. Send feedback to me at

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