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I repeat: our repeater is up again!

The West Valley Ham Shack repeater has successfully been relocated and is back in action on the 70 cm band. At 441.775+ pl 100 ( as before) our new location offers great access for hams on the west side of Phoenix. Now located in Wittmann at the QTH of our director Bill Powell W9WRP, the site has full unobstructed access in all directions. Try us sometime!

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This is a fantastic newsletter with fantastic news. Oh, how I miss the SHACK!

Gary, K9HDU


Well, the repeater is off the air right now and in the shop for some firmware upgrades and configuration changes. It turns out that the repeater is capable of DMR and analog operations and some minor changes to the configuration is needed to allow both modes. I am working with a Hytera Dealer in Nevada to get the most recent version of the firmware installed and the capability to program the repeater. The repeater was delivered to the dealer on April 3 and hopefully will be back in our hands in about 10 days (my estimate). At that time it will be put back on the air. So much to learn about DMR so the repeater can be used in…


Currently we are not able to program repeater parameters. However, I am researching the issues and working with a Hytera dealer to get our call sign programmed in so we will be WV7HS. Right now we are NQ1S. Hopefully we will solve this problem soon. Thank you for your patience.


And a BIG thank you to Greg for coming out and helping get this project in the completed column. I think we are operational, but I will monitor this evening to make sure the ID is correct. Having a repeater has been a dream of mine for awhile. Hosting the Shack's repeater is just as good. SWR was 1.14:1 when first checked. I'll take it. And the XYL is pleased with it. What more could I ask for?

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